Art Holiday in Florence

I have just returned from a wonderful trip to Florence – what a birthday treat for an art lover!

As a self taught artist with just a GCE in Art to my name I’m always a tad envious of artists who say “I studied art in Florence” – in my mind it automatically imbues a certain romance and magic. On my birthday we visited the Uffizi Gallery – I couldn’t believe I was standing in front of such masterpieces as Botticelli”s Birth of Venus in the flesh!


Birth of Venus
Botticelli’s Birth of Venus

Apart from a fleeing moment thinking ‘well i may as well fold up my easel and forget it!’ I was absolutely inspired. The inspiration came mainly from the colours – so rich and vibrant. And also the composition of course and the masterful brushwork that depicts skin, hair, velvet and lace with such conviction.

Back to the Easel

My enthusiasm is fired up and I shall shortly start my own Florence inspired masterpiece – watch this space!

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