commissions - orange flowers in a bee vase
Artist at work

If you would like to commission a painting, perhaps as a gift or a favourite subject for yourself, do get in touch with me for a chat about it. I can help you decide on the composition and the medium which would suit your requirements.

Sketch for Approval

I can provide a rough watercolour sketch for your approval and will request a 50% deposit before commencing work on your composition. The length of time to complete the work will vary according to existing commitments and the complexity of the composition itself.

Reference Photos

The photographs you supply for reference should be clear with good resolution and good contrast. If possible, please supply one or two supporting photos from different views to help me get the fullest sense of the subject.

I commissioned two wonderful paintings from Rosie as gifts. The fact that they were unique and personal meant so much to the recipients who truly treasure them.

AH Wales

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