Display your Art Creatively

So .. having bought your beautiful new piece of art how are you going to display it? You might have just the place in mind for hanging it on the wall; alternatively you might want to consider some other more creative options, that not only give you flexibility but that will add that unique stamp of individuality to your home. Let me offer some suggestions …..

Gallery Wall

The wall does not need to be large and the frames don’t need to match! Grouping pictures on a gallery wall makes a real feature and talking point in your home. Don’t worry that you have to fill the wall space all at once – start with one or two pictures and add to them gradually.

Picture Ledges and Shelves

Picture ledges are quite in vogue for displaying artwork and could be incorporated into a gallery wall if you wish. Or you could use existing shelves in the home anywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom. These options have the added advantage that it is easy to switch your artwork around to freshen the look. Picture ledges are usually narrower and shorter than traditional shelves.


Brighten your stairway by hanging art on the wall or by placing pictures against it. Perhaps a mix of both. Create your own stairway gallery.

An Easel

Your artwork was probably originally created on an easel and will surely look quite at home displayed on one in your home. Vintage easels can be found in flea markets and lovely scrolled metal and wooden ones are readily available in all sizes on line.

Window Ledges

Paintings look lovely propped on a window ledge as part of a display of your favourite things.


A painting is easily propped up on a bookshelf. You could use several, propping a smaller one in front of a larger one for an informal look.

Keep it Simple

Paintings are happy anywhere (with the exception of watercolours which should not be placed in direct sunlight). Prop one against the wall on the floor – or on a chair – or on top of a chest of drawers or the mantelpiece. Use your imagination to create your own unique art display- and remember it needn’t be static – move things around to refresh the look.

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