Joyous Jugs!

I do love a jug – do you? Or a bowl. I just love the pleasing tactile shapes and colours. Particular favourites are a tall brown one with a squiggly yellow pattern which I bought at Wetheriggs Pottery in Cumbria and have had for over 30 years. Then there’s an old cream and brown jug with a lovely handle known as Dad’s Jug for long forgotten reasons. Newer favourites include a tiny jug decorated with strawberries given to me by my cousin.

Flowers and Paintings

Things I like to do with my jug collection? They’re decorative in their own right and sit on shelves and window ledges and hang from hooks in the kitchen. But I really love to fill them with gorgeous garden flowers to brighten the house and inevitably – I end up painting them! There’s such beauty in everyday things be it a pretty teacup with a posy in it or a simple glass jar with wildflowers. The artist in me cannot resist trying to capture that fleeting perfection.

Captured Beauty

The painting ‘Lupins in a Blue Jug’ is now in my personal collection but the painting with the lovely green spotted jug is still available. Pop into the shop for the details!

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