Summer at the Studio

How has your summer been? Here in Wales we are only just beginning to get sunny weather after a very long wet winter/spring. A combination of the weather and extensive work in the house to improve insulation – then redecorate everywhere – has meant we are way behind with everything!

Spirit of Happy

Gardening Woes

On the one hand vegetable and half hardy annual seedlings for the cutting patch have been sooooo slow that we’ve ended up buying plants because the remaining growing season would have been too short. On the other hand though – the brambles, nettles, tree saplings and dock weeds have had a fine old time of it – while the gardener’s away!! We do have a bank of lovely wild foxgloves though.

I’ll keep you posted if we manage any crops – radishes and a few mini cucumbers so far. We live in hope.

Damp and Ivy

So when i did eventually make it into my studio it was to find that everything was damp and i had ivy creeping in – positively Gothic! Thankfully important paintings had been stored in a dry place over the winter and i’m pleased to say they’re ok. I’m in the middle of a major sort out and throwing out boards and papers that have been damaged by the damp. Next week himself is going to put up some insultation boad in what is essentially a wooden shed with aspirations to being a studio!

Mini Paintings

Major work hasn’t been possible but i’ve cheered myself up with a few mini paintings which i’m quite pleased with – all with a floral theme to make up for the lack of flowers that i was so looking forward to! Art like anything needs practice and if you are away from the easel for any length of time it seems your hands forget what to do. I’m now determined to do some work everyday even if its a tiny sketch – just to keep the juices flowing.

Heart of a Rose


Unbelievably Midsummer is upon us. I have lots of things to be getting on with including the next issue of my newsletter, preparation for an exhibition in August and the Art Trail in September. More on all of these to follow in further posts.

We usually celebrate midsummer with a small garden party for friends but that hasn’t been possible this year. However i would like to wish everyone a happy summer – enjoy the long days and soak up the light wherever you are.

Royal Iris
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