The Artist Behind the Easel

Would you like to know a little more about the person holding the paintbrush? If so, here’s a little bit about me …

I’m a nature lover. A little bit boho. Into herbs and natural healing. I always have a splash of pink in my hair! I’m mainly vegetarian on account of being an animal lover. I’m a half Irish Liverpudlian living in Wales. Married to Steven who is half Polish hence my exotic surname. His other half is English but that doesn’t stop him singing with a Welsh Male Voice Choir!

We live in an old house in a village by the coast which used to be a pub. Part of it dates back to 1750 when it belonged to the estate of the local Lord. We have a large rambling garden which is hilly, quirky and full of interesting corners. We have always had a house full of dogs and the current three – Hamish (smallest and eldest collie terrier cross) and Flossie and Dziak (pronounced Jack – merle border collies) enjoy the garden as much as we do.

We like to grow our own vegetables every year and always include tomatoes in rainbow colours, aubergines and cucumbers (for making the Polish cucumber salad mizeria which is delicious). I will shortly be picking rosehips to make rosehip jelly and elderberries for elderberry syrup to keep us well this coming winter.

My planned career as an artist took an unfortunate swerve when the headmistress of my old fashioned grammar school advised my mother that ‘art was no career for a woman’! Back in the day mothers listened to headmistresses and we listened to our mothers. Nonetheless after various jobs here and abroad the artist found herself. So here I am at last – paintbrush in hand, living the dream.

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