Winter is Coming!

And its cold in the studio! A couple of days ago my ancient log burner in the studio was lit for the first time this autumn. This is little stove has kept me cosy and warded off the Welsh damp in all but the coldest months of the year, with dogs and husband popping in for a warm at various times in the day.

But disaster has struck! A big chunk of metal has come away at the top and is cast iron so can’t be repaired. So sadly painting in the studio won’t be happening for a while – unless we have warmer days in the next week or so.

Meanwhile we have purchased a new Eco Stove to be installed in the house and will move the old sitting room stove into my studio. It will be lovely to be warm and cosy again and back at my easel with the fire crackling and at least one dog curled up enjoying the warmth.

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