Working to Commission

During the colder months of the year I am not out and about sketching or painting. The garden is asleep, the countryside is bare and drab and the weather here in Wales is invariably cold! However around Christmas time I am often asked if I will accept a commission for a painting to be given as a present. That didn’t happen this year but I was asked if I would create a painting for a January birthday. That was perfect as I had family visiting over the festive period.

The client asked me to do a painting for her daughter who no longer lives in the area but quite a long way away down in the south. Her daughter wanted a painting of a local scene to remind her of home. Steven, my husband, was happily roped in to take photos on his daily beach walk with the dogs and a picture of the local lighthouse was chosen, together with the dunes and Maran grass that our local beach is well known for.

Artistic Interpretation

Of course the reference photos were only the starting point, I moved the lighthouse a little in order to balance the composition, added some drama to the sky and created layers of beautiful warm colours in the sand. I’m very happy with the result and overjoyed to say that my client is too!

Oil painting of lighthouse and beach by Rosie Tuszynska
Stormy Skies at the Beach
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